About Us
Crop Production Services offers differentiated services to meet specific customer needs:
  • Experienced Certified Crop Advisors & Pest Control Advisors
  • In-house Agronomist with specialty crops expertise
  • Innovative solutions
  • Custom blended fertilizers 
  • Written Agrian recommendations
  • Custom nutrient programs
  • Crop Monitor Program reports & product recommendations 
We work with your individualized nutritional and pest management needs to help you reach your maximum production potential.  Speak with one of our Crop Consultants today to get you on the best treatment plan so you can get back to doing what you do best: FEEDING THE WORLD.

Loveland Products is the proprietary brand distributed by Crop Production Services.  We offer a complete line of high performance input products manufactured in one of four facilities across the United States.  We are constantly striving to bring new and unique chemistries to the marketplace, which provide innovation solutions across the agricultural and professional non-crop industries.  Click on the Loveland icon to learn more about our diversified line of products.
Precision Agri-Lab, a Division of Crop Production Services, is a analytical laboratory and technology center engaged in agriculture, horticulture, and related industries.  They provide analytical services which include soil, plant, irrigation water, fertilizer, nematode, disease and pesticide residue analysis.  In addition, they provide other services such as Crop Monitor Program (CMP), NutriScription, weather data collection, soil moisture monitoring, Precision Agriculture, Variable Rate Technology, GPS/GIS Mapping and agronomic consulting.  Click on the Precision Agri-Lab and CropConnect icons to learn more about our analytical services.
At Crop Production Services, we are focused on providing our customers with the products and services they need to grow the best crops possible.  When you meet and work with a Crop Production Services member, we are confident you will see our strengths and committment to providing the best agronomic services that will lead you to "Profit From Our Experience."
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